About Us

Our Community

We’ve built up a strong community at Bitcoin Victory that has helped build us into what we are today. It wasn’t always that way, though. Bitcoin Victory started off as a small team of programmers that were desperate to make more people aware of the potential that Bitcoin holds.

Our team started out as a group of friends that discovered a little thing called Bitcoin. Back in 2012, nobody knew what it was, let alone the potential that it held.

They found the idea of an alternative currency fascinating, so they all invested a little bit into it. Bitcoin wasn’t going anywhere at this point, though, so everyone went on with their careers while keeping an eye on the Crypto space.

This went on for several years until 2017 came around. Seemingly overnight, Bitcoin has increased astronomically in value. The founding team was shocked. They knew that the secret had to get out at some point, but they didn’t think it would be in such an explosive fashion.

They watched as Bitcoin grew and grew as more people came on board, and when the time was right, they sold their Bitcoin off.

The Creation of Bitcoin Victory

The team used their newly acquired funds to start Bitcoin Victory. They wanted to come out of the gates running, so they made sure they allocated enough value to do so.

They set about bringing more professionals on board. They were technically proficient, but they needed some additional help.

As well as more developers, they recruited economists, analysts, and customer liaison staff. With a full roster, they set to work developing Bitcoin Victory.


There were a lot of moving parts when Bitcoin Victory was being built. We were doing polls and surveys asking people what they thought of Bitcoin, analyzing the current Bitcoin market trend, and studying the impact it was having on the economy. All of this was being done on top of actually programming the Bitcoin Victory system.

It was a long and stressful process with countless seven-day weeks and sleepless nights. Eventually, though, we were beginning to make progress.

We encountered our first major hurdle when it came to the creation of our AI algorithm. The team was so stuck that they actually decided to bring some AI specialists on board. and for that, all of us here at Bitcoin Victory are extremely grateful.